Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Story of Russia Stone

If you are in Ranai City and you want to go to Teluk Selahang beach in Sea East Bunguran distric. You will find many granite stones. Usually, most of them have name and unique stories. One of them is Russia Stone.

Russia Stone is the big granite stone which is located in Senubing, East Bunguran distric. Finding this stone is not difficult, because its location is on the edge of the road. After passing Senubing hill, you will find thus stone on the left side of the road. Maybe, if the government does not give a sign, we will not know we have passed the historic Stone.

The history of Russia Stone began on 1941-1952, when Datuk Kaya Wan Muhammad Rasyid was a leader after the King of Riau inaugurated him to be a leader. Started from the sinking of Russia's ship near Senoa Island. The ship brought 43 passengers, 3 of them are women. For saving themselves, they swam to Sepempang located close to accident place.

They took a rest under rock near beach. While waiting for help they carved anchor on the rock. After that, they walked to the city and asked help to Wan Muhammad Rasyid as a Datuk Kaya Pulau Bunguran (the Leader of Ranai City).


Actually, many words that they carved in the rock, such as "USSR" and anchor. They also carved word "Selamat Tinggal" (good bye), and also Russian language text "bre-che" meaning shaving a beard, "zambiar" meaning snake and "kuku-sense" meaning grain. Those words can still be found there, although some have been blurred.

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